Olive oil. A timeless Cosmetic!

Properties of Olive Oil!  Skin and more!

 Thanks to its antioxidant, regenerative and soothing properties, known since antiquity, olive oil holds a special place among the natural cosmetic substances.
From the time of Hippocrates olive oil was renowned for its many medicinal properties, particularly in skin diseases. In ancient times, moreover, that there was no use of soap for personal hygiene, people rubbed the hair and body with olive oil to the clean, to the flavor and to make them softer. Also, smear with it some of their clothes to donate their sheen.
Olive oil to nourish the hair:
Anameixte 50 ml olive oil and 50 ml of laurel oil. Spend your hair before shampooing (if your roots are too fat, put it in the hair ends), wrap in a warm towel and let the oil sit for half an hour. After you wash your hair normally. You can do this mask once a week at times you feel that your hair needs nourishing and toning.
Olive Oil to strengthen eyelashes and make-up remover:
Anameixte equal quantities of almond oil and olive oil and make a mixture of oils for perfect cleansing, but also nourish the eyelashes. You will be delighted when you see how well and gently cleans!
Olive Oil for the Eyes:  You, when you do not use some cream to put on a cotton little olive oil in the region that makes the appearance of the "crow's feet", ie the side radial wrinkles.

The olive oil will be used in recipes for the skin must be organic, that is completely free of chemicals and other fillers.